Jon + Christy Engaged

Jon and Christy’s love for each other is palpable.  It’s the kind of love that fills your heart and makes it ache all at once. The kind of love that reminds you to slow down and give thanks. From the moment I met them, I knew that these two were something special…And not only could I feel it then, but it shines through in every photograph. From their laughter to the little moments… Oh man, these two are the real deal. Their wedding this September is going to be oh so amazing, I just know it.

Baby Brodie

Let me start with a little background on how Molly and I became friends. We worked the 4:45 am shift at a gym in college and if you know me, you know that I am NOT a morning person. I had to set three alarms just to make sure I got to work on time and I wasn’t always successful. Molly dealt with my setbacks by feeding me breakfast from the local diner and occasionally letting me nap in the yoga room. I’m pretty sure we became friends the morning we named a giant bug Harold and refused to let anyone squish him. We understood each other and that was that. Our 9 years of friendships have consisted of early mornings, late nights, numerous adventures along Lake Michigan,  eating entirely too much bacon (no that’s a lie, there’s never enough bacon) and endless belly laughs. We may be married now and live on opposite ends of the state, but not much has changed.

9 years and some bacon later, Molly and her husband Adam have expanded their family to two fur balls and one beautiful baby boy named Brodie.  This past May I travelled back to the property where Chase and I were married to photograph their little family. I’m so thankful for all the memories we’ve shared and I cannot wait to create more, especially now that Bb is here! I know Adam cannot wait till Brodie is big enough to ride a tractor to go hunting, but I think I would be okay if he stayed this small and I could cuddle with him forever. I mean, just look at him; he’s perfect.e’s perfect.