Charlie – Year One

What’s in a year?

I have known Charlie’s mom, Stephenie since I was five years old. The story is always the same – My mother says, “I remember Stephenie – she called every morning at 6 AM to ask if you could come over and play.” 26 years later, and her hustle and drive are still the same.

When Steph first called me up for a maternity shoot in November of 2015, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she and her husband, Matt had decided to wait to find out the sex of their baby.  I loved her decision and admired how calm she was in preparation for the next chapter of her life as a new parent.

Little did I know then, I would have the honor of photographing baby BOY Charlie through his entire first year of life…What a wonderful gift it was for me to experience!

With all the craziness of last year – I did not get to post Charlie’s photos as I had originally hoped – but something beautiful arose out of that – the chance to debut his first year altogether. Putting this post together brought me such joy – I loved seeing him, and his smile grow.

So, ladies and gentleman, with no further adieu, let me introduce you to sweet, sweet Charlie!

(Also starring Charlie’s big brother: Bruce, the pup)