Molly + Anthony

Let me just start by saying that every wedding I’ve ever attended is beautiful and perfect in it’s own unique way. One of the best feelings you can have after you get hitched is to be able to look back and think, “I wouldn’t have changed a thing.” But speaking honestly, most of us who have been married would also (quietly) admit that there were parts of our dream day that we tweaked because of loved one’s wish or because we didn’t want to disappoint well, anyone. Wedding planning can be pressure central.

As my girlfriend and I were sipping coffee and gushing over how happy my dear friends, Molly and Anthony looked at their wedding, we both agreed that these two did it right. I have never been to a wedding where every simple detail completely encompassed who they were as individuals and a couple.

Married in their favorite park adjacent to their apartment where they’ve built their life, followed by dinner and drinks at the local Italian restaurant where the staff were more like family, Molly and Anthony’s wedding was truly emblematic of their life: simple and loving.

Molly and Anthony make the perfect pair for oh so many reasons, but what stands out is how they love – Not just how they love each other, but how they love their friends and family, too. They are always and unconditionally in your corner when life is gets tough. They think about their loved ones before themselves. They have a beautiful life and yet are never boastful about anything.

Molly + Anthony, thank you for allowing me the honor to capture your wedding and to stand witness to your love.  May the years ahead of you be filled with slow mornings and more joys than you can count. Whatever comes, know I’ll always be in your corner, too.

Life has brought me some pretty incredible friends along the way, you know?