Ryan + Stephanie // Married.

Ryan and I used be desk buddies at our old job. We listened to music, shared snacks, argued about Michigan State and the other school that shall not be named and chatted about every day life. I still remember when he first told me that he was dating Stephanie. You see, it was a VERY big deal because Ryan has basically been in love with Stephanie since he was a kid.  I swear, their story is a romantic movie waiting to be produced.  It would go something like this:

Boy meets girl.

Boy pines over girl.

Boy gets the nerve to ask girl to prom and she says no (cliffhanger)!

Fast forward a few years and a college degree…. boy tries again.

Girl realizes what was under her nose this entire time….

Guy lands the girl of his dreams and they literally live happily ever after.


I mean, how adorable is that?

On a serious note, Ryan and Stephanie’s wedding was such an incredible experience to be a part of.  Every detail of the day was perfect. From their sunset ceremony where the warm light illuminated them as they exchanged vows, to the 5-piece band that killed it, to the dancing, to the incredible spread of food and spirits… It was such a night to remember. I feel so fortunate to be able to be a tiny piece of their story; one that I’m sure they’ll tell their grandkids.

Mazel tov, Ryan and Stephanie. Cheers to a wonderful life ahead.